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Macros for Photoshop

I learnt how to create your own Batch Operations in Photoshop yesterday.

I used this Batch Operations Tutorial from Slightly Remarkable. It’s incredibly easy.

Open one of the pictures in Photoshop, and begin recording an Action (it’s basically the Adobe term for “macro”). You should be able to hit the “Actions” tab in your History/Actions/Tool Presets window to see the default Actions that come with Photoshop. All you have to do from there is hit the circle (record), [record the actions you want repeated], and then hit the square (stop) in the Actions window. Now that you’ve recorded the action, you can tell Photoshop to open a large number of images, run the specified Action, save the images (or copy them as changed to a new directory), and close them, all automatically.

And it means cropping 120 images takes 5 minutes instead of 5 hours.

Pink for October

Along with some 500+ other sites, this site is Pink for October in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

I lost my Grandma to Cancer when I was about 10. (not Breast Cancer, possibly Endomitrial, I’m not too sure) She’d had it before and had treatment, but it came back. As you can probably tell, I’m fairly fuzzy on the details.

Anyway, this is a worthy cause, and I’m doing my bit. Have a look at the links below and see if you can do anything too.

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