Well, Meri tagged me with this particular meme a fortnight ago, so I figured I should probably get around to completing it.

1 Year Ago?

1 year ago I was still living in Bath although Meri & I were planning to move to Newcastle by then. I’d graduated 6months previously and was working in an Architecture practice in Bristol – which meant I had a 1hour+ commute each way involving 2 buses, a train and, invariably, Greggs bakery.

I’d probably applied to the University of Newcastle to do my Masters degree, but hadn’t been given an interview date yet.

5 Years Ago?

I’d just started my 3rd term of my 1st year at the Univeristy of Bath. Following a nasty breakup shortly after Christmas I had dyed my hair blonde and was involved in a number of theatre productions (acting, producing, and painting sets) and had pretty much given up on doing any Uni work or sleeping to make time for them. I think I got 1% over the pass mark for that term after having a minor breakdown in one of my tutor’s offices. I gained a lot of worried friends tho.

10 Years Ago?

I was 14. I was in Year 9 at Chesterton Community College. I’d probably just been made prefect – which meant I got to spend half an hour a day sat outside senior staff offices, instead of getting bullied in afternoon registration. Bonus.

I was still playing oboe (probably at Grade 4 standard at this point) and had started playing in the junior county orchestra on a Wednesday evening, where I made a whole bunch of new friends.

So Who Am I Tagging?