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Vote Kerry!!

I’ve just had an error message on a piece of software telling me to “Vote for John Kerry!”… it’s a little late guys 😉

Charles and Camilla

About time too. I’m glad that Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles are getting married. And from what I can tell the majority of people are happy about it too (not least his parents). However there’s a few who will insist on calling him a hypocrite and refering to ‘his track record’ in relation to him being the future head of the Church of England.

May I present before the jury King Henry VIII and the Separation of the Church of England from Rome. Basically – to the unenlightened – The separation from the Catholic church in England originally happened so that King Henry could ditch one wife and marry his mistress. Henry remarried 5 times!!!

Now admittedly we have moved on somewhat since the 1500s and I think that’s the point I’d really like to make. There a female priests. There are gay priests. I strongly suspect there are divorced priests and remarried priests and womaniser priests. Surely we can have a happy Head of the Church of England?

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