A fixed-term short-term rent is a lease whose validity usually runs for a certain period of time – from about 1 month to 5 years. The maximum number of years of a short-term lease is 5 years. Depending on your property and where it is located, you may need to add general disclosures and supplements related to specific situations such as smoking or pets. Here are some useful definitions of the legal language commonly used in rental and rental forms: You can use the Formplus payment integration to receive payments for your equipment while recording your acceptance of the device loss or damage terms and conditions. This will also allow you to track the equipment you spend on the rental, as is clearly stated in the agreement. Use a subletting form to sublet an apartment that has been rented to you. This way, you can make money with excess storage space that is not used. Download the most common disclosures and additions below in MS Word (.docx) or Adobe PDF format: With a lease, landlords can declare that they are renting a room rather than an entire unit. With a lease for rental spaces, landlords can be sure that tenants understand their rights and obligations, including rental rates, when they are due, which areas of the property they can access, and more. .