The employer and the employee must agree on the duration of the leave without pay. The rates of pay in this award include the arbitral adjustment of the safety net payable under the June 2005 Safety Net Review – Wages decision [PR002005]. This arbitral adjustment of the safety net may be deducted from a corresponding amount of the rates of pay received by employees whose wages and conditions of employment are governed by this award and which are higher than the rates of pay prescribed in the award. These above the bonus include salaries payable under certified agreements, company flexibility agreements currently in progress, Australian operating agreements, allocation changes to implement company agreements and overpayment agreements. Absorption contrary to a contractual agreement is not required. Production of tapes/disks programmed to control the operation of computer-controlled glass cutting/working machines and the use of these tapes/disks in the operation of these computer-controlled machines. 11.1 A provision granting relief provides that the standard approach of a public procurement provision may be evaded by agreement between an individual employer and an employee or the majority of the employees of the undertaking or part of the undertaking concerned. .