Where the parties are subject to a concubine agreement on the transfer of the immovable property and the corresponding triggering event occurred in respect of the transfer of the immovable property, it should be regarded as a separation agreement within the meaning of these Guidelines. Subsequently, if you marry your cohabitation contract (or you form a life partnership), you must conclude a corresponding marriage contract in which you want the agreements of the concubine contract or any changes you make to it to have the best chance of being respected by the courts in the event of divorce / termination of the partnership. They cannot represent both parties in the same life together or a marriage contract, even if they are willing to accept the agreement. Given the divergent interests of the parties in this transaction, Rule 3.4 of BC`s Professional Code states that if you acted for both parties, you would be in conflict. You can only act for one party. Refer the other party to independent counsel. This may be the case where the parties have arrived together at the terms of the agreement and wish it to be formally established. In this case, you should only be kept by one of the parties and only ask for instructions from that person. You must provide legal advice on the impact of the agreement on your client.

The other party receives the same type of advice from another lawyer. A concubine agreement can also help you spread bills and other responsibilities while you live together. Remind your customers to keep the concubine agreement informed for changes such as children and property. Unmarried families are the fastest growing type of family in the UK. Since unmarried couples have fewer legal rights than married couples, many can now seek a concubine agreement. This could be a new area for your practice if you don`t currently offer it. There is a clear conflict of interest in the representation of the parties in a cohabitation contract or marriage contract, and they should be treated in the same way as separation agreements concluded in accordance with these Instructions. Among the usual things that a mode of budgetary management of the concubine agreement must address are: people who do not cohabit as a couple might also want a concubine agreement. This would work in the same way as a concubine contract for a couple.

Find a lawyer to get help with concubine agreements and wills. After careful discussion and reflection, the company believes that there is usually a clear conflict and that the same lawyer should not advise both parties on the preparation of a concubine contract. Society recognizes that the consequences from this point of view may be additional costs for couples living together, but the priority must be the independent protection of their interests. However, there will be many situations in which a couple will buy a property with little or no deposit, in which case the need for a formal written housing agreement will be significantly reduced. Separated spouses/life partners (for the avoidance of doubt, the reference to “spouse” “life partner”) 1. Action in preparing separation agreements can also be helpful in setting rules about how the parties will handle things during the relationship, although this type of concubine agreement is quite rare. If a concubine`s agreement is required to address these issues, the financial situation of the parties may not be relevant. . .