United Kingdom nationals and Union citizens, family members who are United Kingdom nationals or Union citizens and family members who are not both retain the right to reside in the host State (Article 13). The host Member State may not restrict or condition persons on the acquisition, maintenance or loss of the right of residence (Article 13). Persons with a valid file [clarification required] do not need an entry and exit visa or identical formalities and may leave or enter the host Member State without complications (Article 14). Where the host Member State `requests an entry visa to family members following the Union citizen or a United Kingdom national at the end of the transitional period`, the host Member State is required to issue the necessary visas free of charge in appropriate establishments under an accelerated procedure (Article 14). The agreement also deals with the issue of residence permits of indefinite duration during and after the transitional period and their restrictions. It also clarifies the rights of workers and the self-employed and provides for the recognition and identification of professional qualifications. Ben Margulies is an independent researcher and former professor at the University of Essex….