So, what should you do? Essentially, your business needs good planning and preparation before participating in company negotiations. For an EA to obtain authorisation, the Fair Work Commission (FWC) must be satisfied that EA staff are generally better off than below the corresponding modern price. An EA can be initiated by an organization or at the request of staff. However, from the beginning of the negotiation process, your company is obliged to accompany it until its completion. Regardless of a company`s relative experience with company negotiation, it is often forgotten that the way employers negotiate and the company agreement that results from it (especially if the terms of that agreement are unique or innovative) is an important part of a company`s recruitment, selection and retention strategy. It is tempting to try to negotiate all the reform priorities in a company agreement. However, in our experience, it is much more sustainable for a company to want to transform the company in order to implement long-term iterative reforms. Experience tells us that the development of a business agreement strategy, which allows us to travel several horizons, gives the best results. Focus on identifying the reforms that need to be carried out in the current round of negotiations. This can include reforms that bring the best productivity gains and focus your energy on it. Other reforms, while important, could be better brought together in the next round of negotiations.

There are many factors that contribute to effective internal communication. In our experience, certain design principles are particularly relevant to corporate negotiations. These are as follows: Employers will likely complete the EA process every three or four years. Organizations need to be sure they have the best negotiators, given that even incremental concessions over the life of an agreement add up considerably. In addition, it is very difficult to agree on a new provision and include it in an EA that can be removed from subsequent agreements. The Victorian chamber can provide the technical knowledge and strategic insight needed to achieve a positive outcome. The corporate negotiation process is a minefield of legal, financial and reputational risks. However, if done right, it can also be a very effective way to reflect and enhance your company`s brand.