In the Netherlands, the au pair stay is a cultural exchange programme. It must be confirmed by an au pair agency, officially recognised by the Dutch Immigration Office (IND). Please contact your agency to get the standard contract. We recommend that our au pair and host families include in their contract all important provisions such as obligations, working time, pocket money and leisure. This avoids any misunderstandings and ensures safety for peers and host families. Our contracts also include an agreement on Go Pair`s policies, such as for example. B follow the orientation with a Go Pair representative; Approval of our mediation policy; and consequent use of the Hours & Wage Log (also made available to all participants). In all circumstances, the au pair should consider whether she is required to pay social security tax and income tax. Further advice can be found on the`s website. Both the au pair and the host family must sign the au pair contract. This is necessary for the legal stay of an au pair in Luxembourg.

You can download a copy of the contract from the institutional website on the topic of au pair stay. *For au pairs who need a visa, we recommend using the documents in German to avoid any problems at the embassy. The document can be modified to reflect the main aspects of the agreement, including: Many countries do not regulate the Au Pair program by the government. Google “Ireland Au Pair Contract” and you`ll see that some countries don`t even have standard rules on how to host or pay au pair. Go Pair has a standard model foster care contract for all of our families (or, as Go Pair calls it, a childcare agreement or CCSA). This article discusses some of the basic elements that should go into an au pair contract (US families) so that when you get your deal, you know exactly what to expect. Both the au pair and the host family must sign the French au pair contract. This is necessary for the legal stay of an au pair in France. Go Pair`s deal also includes things like withholding tax and educational payment. As part of the agreement, families and peers can determine the eligible expenses during the internship and the expenses that the au pair must bear herself.

Finally, the au pair may wonder whether she is entitled to free medical treatment in the UK and whether appropriate health insurance is needed or not. I hope this has been helpful for anyone who wants to start an au pair year, and I promise you that if you sort these things out before, it will save you a lot of trouble later! We will ensure that the agreement or memorandum of understanding is fair and appropriate and that it represents the cultural exchange programme and your interests. In Switzerland, au pair contracts correspond to the normal employment contracts of domestic workers. As these standard contracts vary from canton to canton, there is not a single official au pair contract for the whole of Switzerland. We recommend that you comply with the competent Swiss Migration and Employment Centre to obtain the valid form in your canton. The family and au pair agreement is where an au pair agency offers a great advantage. The official European Treaty Aupair in Italian (translation of the English Treaty) Every day we come across au pair agreements (of course not ours) that are unreasonable and unfair….