Can someone give me the name of the table that records the data from the agreement created with tcode ME31n ME2K Purchase. Order by Assgmt ME2L Account by Kreditor ME80 Purchasing Reports ME80AN General Analysis (A) MI02 – Change the Doc MI03 Physical Inventory – Doc-MEKB Physical Inventory Conditions according to MEKC Contract Conditions According to the Information Data List You already have an active moderator warning for this content. MEKJ conditions for billing the parties` MEKK terms for the supplier`s subsector. ME3B OA by requirement ME3C OAgreements by material group ME91E SA Calendars: Urging/Remind. Me9e-News: De. . ME4S Terms of Offer by Reference Number ME80A Purchasing Reports: RFQs MM01 – Create MMI1 Hardware – Create Equipment. Here we would like to draw your attention to the ME31K transaction code in SAP. As we know, it is used in the SAP MM-PUR component (purchase in MM) which is part of the mm module (material management). ME31K is a booking code used to set up a contract in SAP. MBRL – Back by carpet. Document MB23 – View booking . All transactional Tcodes are stored in the TSTC table.

Transaction codes for the MM module begin with M. MI34 – Batch Input: Enter Count MI35 – Batch Input: Post Zero Stock Bal ME98 Archive Purchasing Documents MEAN Deliverys ME5A – PR: List Display ME5J – Purch Requisitions for Project ME5W Resubmission of Purchase Req. ME97 Archive Purchase Requisitions ME45 Release RFQ ME4B RFQs according to requirement Tracking Number Renumber Schedule Lines ME86 Aggregates Schedule Lines ME26 Display PO Supplement (IR) ME2 7 Create Stock Transport Order ME1M Info Records by ME1P Material History of command MEK32 Condition: Edit MEK33 Condition: Change ME57 Assignment and Process Requirements . ME61 Vendor Rating Maintained ME62 Display Display Rating thanx narendran…. I don`t understand your answer. That`s why the confusion… u were right…. 10 points awarded Check the table EKKO and EKPO… Category of purchase parts will be different. MB90 – Release Process for Mat. Documents MB22 – Change Reservation MI31 – Lot Entry: Create a Phys. Inv.

Doc. MI32 – Batch Input: Block Material ME91A Urge Submission of Quotations ME92 Monitor Order Acknowledgment ME37 Create Transport Scheduling Agrmt ME38 Maintain SAgreement Schedule ME80FN General Analyses (F) ME80RN General Analyses (L, K) MEK3 Display Conditions (Purchasing) MEK31 Condition Maintenance: Change ME63 Evaluation of Automatic Sub criteria ME64 Evaluation. ME3N Outline Agreements by Agmt No. ME80R Purchase reports: O.Agmts. ME6D suppliers have not been evaluated since then. ME6E Evaluation Records w/weighting ME2W Purchase Orders for Supplying Plant ME80F Purchasing Reporting: POs MEKP Price Change: Info Records MEKPE Currency Change: Info Records ME6B Display Vendor Evaluation for Mat ME6C Vendors without Evaluation ME34K Maintain Contract Supplement ME35K Release Contract ME35 Release Outline Agreement ME3A Transmit. Release Doc Record ME28 Release Purchase Order ME2B POs by Requirement Tracking No ME2C ME308 Send Contracts with Conditions ME31K Create Contract ME3J Outline Agreements per Project ME3K OA by Acct. Assignment ME6H Standard Analysis: Ven Evaluation ME6Z Transport Vendor Evaluation Tables . Orders by ME2J hardware group orders for the project. ME43 Display Request for Offer ME44 RFQ Supplement ME25 Create PO with Source Determination ME2A Monitor Confirmations MIBC – ABC Analysis for Cycle Counting MI01 – Create Physical Inventory Document View possible menu paths to access the same report by avoiding entering the transaction code.

Path 1Logistics → management of materials → purchase → framework agreement → enter into a → contract. . ME51 Apply for an ORDER ME51N – Create an order request. The ME65 rating lists ME6A changes to borrower valuation MEK1 Create Conditions (Purchasing) MEK2 Change Conditions (Purchasing) MI11 – Physical Inventory Doc Recount MI20 – Print List of Differences MI07 – Process List of Differences MI08 – Make a list of differences with Doc.