We bought an auction house in 2000, but this year the old owner who is the one who is trying to sell his house to others before the auction came back with powerful friends. That`s what we buy this house in Zidco, when the former manager was still at work, they never came, but as the old manager`s pension and the new manager arrived, they try another method, the thing is that the former owners and Zidco are likely to meet in court, but the new manager hide or move all our files from their Zidco office and told us that we will see the former owner on his own hands, since we do not even have files on their old payment and sale of the house, you would help me. How I will act, what I will do However, it is not advisable not to pay the rent if the contract is still being processed, because the landlord may ask you to evacuate because of the non-payment of the fee. Hello, my dad put the house on unseeded rent eight years ago. Now, my dad wants to get into this house, so we told the tenant to empty the house, but he refuses and stops paying the rent. Please help me. Sometimes an owner may choose to add lifestyle restrictions. This is very common in southern India, where most rental accommodations limit its tenants from preparing non-vegetarian dishes in the premises. Other restrictions, such as the . B ™ marital status, sex are also taken into account.

Dear Sir, I and my family are renting a house from 40 to 45 years old. Our individual room size is 10X10 and also 3×10 outdoors in front of our room. Our house is located in the Out House of Bunglow Land. Ten to 12 years ago, we won our Lanlord`s case in a district court. After the affair, our Lanlord approached us to leave the room. We told him that he has to give us 2 to 3 pieces of land with water – meters in the same or nearby. But he refused us – told us to take only 60,000 rupees and evacuate the room. We refused right away.

Now, our lanlord makes a lot of effort, as if he wasn`t parking 2 Wheeler in his Bunglow plot, that is, in front of my room. After midnight 12, we are not allowed to enter because the Bunglow gate is closed. It records the entrance. None of our materials such as shoes, buckets, etc. should fit in the open space in front of our room. I would like to ask you to make a suggestion, when I leave this room, how much we should take from him. Now the rate near you is 3500/- to 5500/sqft. Or I`m going to go to court.

To prepare a lease, all clauses must be thoroughly reviewed. To enter into a valid and strong lease, one can even refer to the standard leases available online. As a step-by-step guide help form an agreement to protect the interests of both parties. The agreement thus developed will avoid misunderstandings or differences of opinion in the future. The lessor must provide a copy of the tenancy agreement to each tenant who signs it. The tenant can even request a free replacement copy from the landlord.