Today, following my little brother’s recommendation, I installed the demo version of Evil Genius.

It’s fantastic.

Most of the first twenty minutes of gameplay were interrupted by either me or Simon exclaiming “How cool is that!” and “Oh, Wow!!” and “Look! Minions!”

After most of the initial excitement had died down and I’d gotten used to the controls (playing Playstation pretty much exclusively for 4 months makes pointing and clicking rather confusing) it’s still a reeeally cool game.

Basically, you’re an Evil Genius bent on world domination who’s been in hiding for the past x years and you’re starting out afresh. It’s Dungeon Keeper meets The Sims meets Austin Powers, without the annoyance of Mike Myers ANYWHERE!!. You get a number 2, ridiculous henchmen, a design-your-own base in the side of a mountain, and many, many minions. Who you can have killed as a morale boost. And you can laugh evilly at prisoners. And that’s just in the demo version!!

So that adds another game to the list of those I’ve sold my soul to recently…