Martin and I were wincing at the trailer for I, Robot and commenting on it being “sort of ok” to kill Robots in movies and games… in the same way that it’s “sort of ok” to kill Zombies, Demons, Nazis, Aliens, Cyborgs, Terrorists, Scientific Experiments Gone Wrong….. the list goes on.

But as soon as you kill REAL PEOPLE (terrorists don’t count… they don’t qualify for human rights so they can’t be human….obviously) with REAL (meaning red) BLOOD… and heaven forbid if you can actually see their faces and expressions as you attack them at close range… then it’s inciting violence in the real world.

Personally I don’t see that there is much difference (in gaming) between hacking at a mutant with a crowbar and chasing after a person with a baseball bat. They’re both sick and violent and if one of these is going to incite you to go out and actually do it chances are the other is too… but if that’s the kind of person you are then eating tomato soup might have the same effect….