While I was on the train this morning, listening to my non-iPod-portable-mp3-player-harddrive-widgit, I was contemplating a conversation I had with Martin a while back.

We had discussed how there were a number of albums (We were specifically talking about Disintegration by The Cure, which is what I was listening to) that were traditionally “borrowed” from friends’ CD collections after break-ups with their ‘significant others.’ And I got to wondering about what the digital equivalent might be.

A few years ago, after a rather nasty break-up, one of my housemates at the time quarantined over 50% of my CDs for this very reason. At the time I relied entirely on hard-copy, my computer being on the other side of the country, so I had no other option but to listen to the “officially sanctioned” remainder of my music collection.

It would be somewhat more difficult now for someone to do something similar. For a start, my CD collection is significantly bigger now than it was then, but most importantly I have most of it in digital too. Even if someone got to my computer, copied the offending tracks to portable format and then removed the original and the copy as well as the hard-copy CD(if one exists), what’s to stop me from finding a filesharer out there to get another copy off? Short of some rather extreme restricting of what I can and can’t do with my PC, not a lot. And I don’t think that many “well meaning friends” are going to go to that kind of effort.

So, are we going to see a rise of post-break-up (or any other excuse) teens wallowing in self pity listening to their irremovable Radiohead mp3s? Watch this space…..