I was looking for 3D studio tutorials yesterday and was quite amazed at how useless this one is.

This tutorial
from Computer Arts Magazine claims to teach transferable skills for material editing….

Unfortunately it follows the annoyingly common step-by-step approach which carefully guides the tutee through each individual step without telling them why they are doing what they are doing. This means that unless you already know what “Set[ing] the Specular Level, Glossiness and Anisotropy to 40, 55 and 0” does to your material… you aren’t going to learn – at least not from this tutorial.

Now, I know this tutorial (and the whole site it’s on) are old and un-updated that doesn’t change my point – a tutorial that doesn’t teach you anything really isn’t much use – especially for something like material editing where you could just download the materials anyway from somewhere like this.

This is something a lot of coding and scripting tutorials seem to have gotten around, like these Javascript Tutorials,which tell you what each part of the code you’ve just written does, but there appear to be very few good modelling tutorials out there… fine if you just want to play… less so if you want to do something very specific